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Ductless systems are a perfect fit

Just because you don’t have ductwork in your home doesn’t mean you should give up on comfort. Ace Air installs advanced ductless cooling and heating systems from both Trane and Carrier.

These wall-mounted all-in-one systems use a variable speed inverter compressor to alternate between cooling your home in the summer and warming it in the winter. Multiple ductless units placed in different rooms allows you to control each independently, which can save you money and adjust comfort to each room.

Our ductless systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations. If it’s time to bring comfort to your home, call Ace Air. You’ll love your new ductless cooling and heating system and our service—we guarantee it.

Need a new ductless system, but haven’t budgeted for it yet? Ace Air offers financing to customers with approved credit.



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Increase your energy efficiency

Ductless systems are more efficient than traditional cooling and heating solutions because they rely on variable speed technology that allows them to regulate temperature instead of operating in waves. This means that the system can effectively cruise control throughout the day or night instead of making constant starts and stops. Plus, the ability to control which rooms of your home receive cooling or heating in a multi-zone setup means you can turn the system off in rooms that you’re not using. This means that you’re only cooling or heating the rooms you need to.


Improve your indoor air quality

It’s an uncomfortable truth: ducts collect all types of dust, pollutants, and other nasty buildup, often kept out of the sight (and out of the mind) of the homeowner. This lead to indoor air quality problems. A ductless system, in contrast, doesn’t have any ducts for dust to collect in. A ductless system pairs an outside and inside unit. The outside system carries refrigerant and electricity to the inside system via a small-diameter pipe that isn’t exposed to the elements. Instead, the inside system quietly uses air currently in your home, keeping allergens and pollutants outside.


Better control

When you turn down the temperature in a home with traditional duct-based air conditioning, you can’t selectively decide where that cool air is delivered. Thanks to the ducts, it’s sent all throughout your home, including to guest rooms and office spaces that might not be in use. In contrast, a ductless system delivers cooling to where you are. Not only does this save money, but it provides you with flexibility. With a zoned system, you can even adjust temperatures in different rooms. Does one family member want it cooler in their bedroom? You can do that.


Ductless cooling and heating systems yield energy savings over the long term, but the upfront cost is higher than traditional ducted air conditioning and furnace units. However, if a ductless system fits your space and family’s needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Ace Air offers financing to customers with qualified credit, and we can help you spread out this upfront cost over multiple months. Get in touch with us to learn more!


Warranty and Guarantees

At Ace Air, we guarantee our work, 100%. This means that if you’re unsatisfied with our service or end results, for any reason, we’ll work to make it right by you.

We believe in the quality of our technicians’ work, but we want you to feel just as comfortable with your decision to go with Ace Air. That’s why we offer this additional peace of mind.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ductless Systems

Why do most people purchase ductless systems?

Ductless systems are very popular outside of the U.S., but most of their use so far has been in homes which can’t have ductwork. This includes home additions, offices without ductwork, or historic homes that predate ducts and modern air conditioning. However, ductless is seeing wider acceptance and use.

Can I still get a ductless system if I have a current AC?

Yes! Many homeowners invest in a ductless single zone system in addition to their current duct air conditioner. This allows them to cool or heat a single room that needs extra attention or turn off the main AC system most of the day and just run the ductless system. Call us to learn more about your options.

What are some of the other benefits of a ductless system?

Ductless systems dehumidify air to greater degree than traditional AC systems. In already-dry places in the West, that’s a less desirable feature. However, here in Louisiana, this exponentially increases your summer comfort. This makes ductless systems a great choice for residents of Lake Charles.

What are some of the more creative uses of ductless systems?

We’ve seen folks install a ductless system over a garage workbench. This allowed the homeowner to be comfortable while machining. We’ve seen historic homes use ductless systems, which allows them to avoid needing to install ducts that detract from beautiful decorated ceilings.

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About Ace

Since 1954, Ace Air has been helping the people of Lake Charles, Louisiana stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Both then and now, we’re committed to our customers. Our technicians are experienced and factory-trained, and can repair and maintain all makes and models.

We’re both a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer and a Trane Comfort Specialist. Ace Air also has an A+ rating from the BBB. If you’re ready to work with a company that values you as a customer and is ready to provide you with excellent service and products, give us a call to schedule your service or learn more about ductless systems.

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Our Technicians

The technicians and service personnel at Ace Air have specialized training and experience installing ductless systems in southern Louisiana. NATE-certified and continually updated on the latest tactics and models, our technicians are service-oriented with a focus on being friendly, professional, and helpful. They’re the reason we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: we know that they’re going to provide you with quality craftsmanship and great service.


To help you and your family handle the unexpected, we offer financing plans to customers with approved credit.