If your home relies on a heat pump for both summer cooling and winter heating, the system hardly ever gets a break. It runs to keep your home cool in the summer, and it works hard to keep it warm in the winter. Ideally, homeowners with heat pumps should schedule two annual service appointments: one in the late spring to get the unit ready for the summer ahead and another in the fall to make sure it’s ready for cooler temperatures. In this article, we’ll make the case for scheduling a fall heat pump tune-up with our experts here at Ace Air Conditioning in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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Call Ace Air to schedule your fall heat pump tune-up now.1. Give your heat pump system a break

There’s never really a good time once the summer heat hits to be without cooling. Likewise, you don’t want to go without winter heating when the outside temperatures drop. A heat pump tune-up can help you avoid the need for winter or summer repairs. Scheduling maintenance right before the intense summer heat or winter cold arrives is a great way to give your system a breather.

Once the system is off, our technicians can identify any parts that are wearing out and either repair or replace them with new parts. They can have your system up and running again before you really need it.

2. Increase the system’s lifespan

Most new heat pumps—and HVAC systems, in general—come with a manufacturer’s warranty. When you read the fine print of the warranty, you are likely to discover that there is a clause that requires you to schedule regular maintenance to keep the warranty intact. Failing to do so can not only void your warranty but also cause your system to need replacement before its time.

Just like an annual checkup with your doctor can prolong your life, a fall heat pump tune-up can increase the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning unit. Technicians can diagnose problems early before they become catastrophic. What begins as a loose bolt can end up frying your heat pump and making the whole system shut down. It’s in your best interest to find problems while they’re still easy to fix.

3. Avoid untimely breakdowns

A tune-up helps you avoid sudden problems. It is unusual for a breakdown to happen out of the blue. Typically, a system failure starts with something as simple as a loose bolt or a worn-out part. A fall heat pump tune-up can catch these small issues before they become colossal ones.

When the technicians from Ace Air Conditioning arrive to work on your HVAC system, they inspect all the moving parts. They look for signs of normal wear-and-tear to see if each part still has some usefulness left. If it does not, they can replace it with a new part. They may remove excess grime that has built up. Finally, they can tighten anything that’s loose so that it doesn’t rattle completely apart.

4. Cut down on your energy use

Your heat pump is designed to make your heat pump more energy efficient. It removes heat from inside your home during the summer, cooling the air. During the winter, it does the opposite, bringing warm air inside. A tune-up helps it stay efficient and helps you maintain a reasonable electric bill.

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