When the cold weather sets in, it’s comforting to feel the warm air from your furnace coming through the vents to make your home cozy. It can be less relaxing, however, when you start hearing unexpected loud noises from your furnace or ducts.

There are several things that can cause a noisy furnace, and some of the causes are more serious than others. Many minor problems have simple do-it-yourself fixes, whereas others require a trained HVAC expert. At Ace Air Conditioning, our certified technicians can inspect your entire heating system and recommend an effective solution.

Contact our team if you’re hearing any of the strange furnace noises listed below.

If you're hearing strange furnace noises this winter, call the team at Ace Air Conditioning.Diagnosing strange furnace noises in your home

1. There is a clog in the air filter

If you hear a loud shaking or vibrating sound emanating from your air ducts, it could indicate a clogged air filter that is hampering airflow on the return side. When dust and debris prevent the filter from letting air through, the significant decrease in pressure may cause the walls of your air ducts to shake or vibrate. You may be able to eliminate this issue by cleaning or replacing a clogged air filter.

2. There are insects or rodents in your ductwork

Buzzing or scratching noises may indicate the presence of uninvited guests in your air ducts. Sometimes bees or other insects get into your ductwork and start building homes. Small rodents, such as mice or rats, can also get into your ducts. In this case, you may want to call an exterminator to remove them and then schedule an HVAC inspection to complete any necessary repairs to your system.

3. There are broken parts inside the furnace

There are several moving parts that make up the mechanics of a furnace, and they can be noisy when they start to wear out or break. For example, a frayed belt may make a squealing sound. If you hear grinding or knocking noises, it could be an issue with the blower, the vibration damper, or the blower motor. When you hear these sorts of furnace sounds, it’s generally best to call in an expert to find and repair or replace malfunctioning parts.

4. The ducts are loose

A rattling noise may be caused by the metal ducts knocking against one another. This type of problem is generally more frequent in older homes when years of operation have caused all the ductwork connections to loosen. You may be able to quiet noisy ducts by tightening and resealing the connections. However, you could also call an expert if you don’t want to spend the time to find and fix all the connections in your home’s ducts.

5. There is a clogged burner inside the furnace

If you hear a loud banging or popping noise when your gas furnace starts up, it could indicate a clog within the burner. When dust or debris gets caught inside the system, it can prevent the fuel from igniting immediately. When this happens, fuel can build up and then ignite all of a sudden in a loud explosion.

It’s essential to have an expert repair this issue as soon as possible to prevent a dangerous malfunction or damage to the furnace.

Call our team at Ace Air if you’re hearing loud furnace noises

Noises in your furnace or ducts may simply signal normal operation. However, they can also indicate a problem. The easiest solution is to schedule an inspection from Ace Air Conditioning. We can find and fix the cause of the noise so your heating system can operate safely. To schedule an appointment, contact our team online.